We work in ever evolving world, where “standard” is quite a meaningless word. For this reason the end goal in designing and developing our EVO products is to answer in a sustainable way, technically and economically, and in an innovative manner to the client’s request. The technicalities of our products are always born from diverse market stories, where the EVO products have been able to adapt. Our modus operandi is based on development and experimentation of different use cases of a specific element, identified at the mechanical, and thus the control level, that can be modified along with the other structural elements, namely dynamical and electrical, with the aim to obtain devices suitable to cover different roles in different situations.


Before guaranteeing the ROI, EVO products are realised to promote productivity, the real form of competitiveness in the industrial field. EVO Family responds to an explicit demand for productivity, characterized by the high density of use of the machines and the reduced cycle times, obtained thanks to the accuracy, repetitiveness and speed in operations to complete an online delivery cycle. These dynamic performances are made possible by a kinematic study, which is specific for every vehicle, so that movements are brought down to the minimum needed. It is a relevant contribute towards lean manufacturing.


The basic design of all EVO vehicles is based on some kinematic solutions that, together with the use of safety sensors, allow the vehicle to be scaled to better adapt it to different loads, environments or equipment, while maintaining a high degree of reliability. Vehicles can interact at different levels with the customer’s IT infrastructure, thanks to the scalability of the control technology platform. Depending on the needs, it goes from a closed system, which responds to an essential demand and requires an independent system, to open systems, where the customer’s own system governs the fleet of EVO devices to check the actions and monitor the results.


Thanks to the natural navigation algorithms it is possible to set a vehicle up in compliance with an environment, tracking paths and activities in a utterly flexible manner: when the working environment layout changes, vehicles can be adjusted to the new needs without intervening on the physical infrastructure.


The EVO machines are collaborative with the people that inhabit the environment in which they navigate, guaranteeing a high degree of certified safety and the best assistance. The prior identification of the essential safety targets for each application, depending on the navigation environment, is a fundamental element of the EVO vehicle development project. All the products of the family, although functionally and technically very different from each other, guarantee the highest level of active safety certified PL-D thanks to the safe-oriented design that integrates the most performing safety systems available on the market.


The innovation that drives the realization of the EVO Family can be found in the desire to create unique and recognizable products, also from the point of view of design. We believe that even industrial products must be enriched with an emotional component: if the products satisfy the needs, the experiences satisfy the desires. The design of the EVO product line plays a fundamental role in approaching and making the man accept the “automatic machine”, with which he collaborates and coexists, making him feel part of a cutting edge environment. The forms designed are adapted around ergonomic elements that make them easy to use, thanks to minimal interfaces, and easy to understand. This reduces the percentage of human error in the interaction with the vehicle, according to the latest design evolution and the new hierarchy of values ​​that starts from functionality, passes through reliability and usability to get to the real pleasure.