Watercraft engines • Italy

After 100 years, this company is still a leader in the manufacturing of innovative diesel engines for different uses.


The manual handling of engines requires the labor of many employees because of single loads’ weight, varying from 40 to 70kg/engine.

Transportation privileges production areas and not the commissioning. This leads to an imbalance between the two areas. The necessity was to harmonize the logistics and make it efficient, thanks also to the connection with the production systems that generate the transport requests.


The goal was defined in numerical terms: transporting 240 engines a day on a shift of 8 hours: this means 1 engine every 2 minutes.


Oppent designed a vehicle with a 1.400×660 mm platform, omnidirectional kinematics implemented on a steel AISI304 chassis, safety laser sensors PL-D able to generate horizontal and vertical observation plans, which are modulable depending on speed and shape of the environment where they navigate, able to travel in a natural navigation mode.

The vehicle we designed is equipped with two independent rollers, positioned at a height that allows them to match the client’s machines, in order to guarantee a secure and fast exchange of the engines.

Pure lead 230 Ah batteries give a high operative autonomy to the vehicle.


EVO roller™ 2 is able to handle up to 250 vehicles a day. It never stops during lunch breaks and it is able to prepare commissioning and packaging tables at the end of the shift for the following day.

Each vehicle travels around 70km every week, this means around 44 hours.