Industria tessile • Italy

For generations, this textile company has been making of quality, Made in Italy and constant investment in technological innovation, the key of its success on every market.


The problem presented by the client consists in manually handling the 2,5-meter-long cloth rolls, where the cloth produced by the looms is rolled up.

Transport is made difficult both by their size and weight, and by the environment in which it takes place: long and narrow corridors between rows of looms.


The goal is to automate the process of picking up the cloth rolls wrapped with the fabric from the looms, making the empty rolls available at the same time for the immediate resumption of the work of the single loom.

Once the wrapped cloth roll has been picked up, it has to be transported to the finished products warehouse, while the unloaded rolls have to be taken from the appropriate warehouses.


We designed and realized two omnidirectional EVO textile™, characterized at the extremes by the two fundamental technological units of EVO, whose task is to activate and drive the machine in carrying out transport and withdrawal missions.

Between the two driving heads, we developed a bridge equipped with grip and release mechanisms of the cloth rolls. It guarantees the transport of a maximum load of 500 kg. Compared to manual handling, using automated vehicles allows to reach up to +30% more wrapped surface with a 25% reduction in setup downtime.


Delivery forecast for the first quarter 2019.