Production of building materials for the construction industry

The Group boasts a presence in 67 countries, employing approximately 179,000 people, with a total turnover of € 40.8 billion. It design, manufactures and distributes construction and industrial solutions.


The client’s need is to handle special racks containing abrasive wheels in a finished or rough state, constantly interacting with a robot cell.


The aim is to automate the handling process of the finished abrasive wheels from the robot cell towards the finished products warehouse and at the same time the supplying of the cell with the unrefined wheels coming from the semifinished products warehouse. Further objective is to eliminate the human intervention from the internal logistic activities, allowing a non-stop activity of the robot cell.


The technical solution identified was to provide the plant with an EVO cart™ system that handles special racks introduced to manage the individual production lots. EVO cart™ has a 1.700×600 mm platform, perfectly bidirectional kinematics implemented on a steel AISI304 chassis, safety laser sensors PL-D able to generate vertical observation plans, which are modulable depending on speed and shape of the environment where they navigate, to respond to the highest standard of human & machine safety, able to travel in a natural navigation mode.


Delivery forecast for March 2019.