Pharmaceutics • Italy

With more than 93.000 people operating in 100 countries, it is one of the largest pharma companies worldwide.


In the process of renovating six laboratories, the client requested a solution for the automated handling of biological samples (fluids, tissues, biopsy samples), that is secure and functional, and able to preserve the integrity and conditions of the sample.


The aim is to transport in a secure and trackable way test tubes from the receiving area to machines that, depending on the layout of laboratories can perform different linked processes. The machine routing system has to make different connection logics possible, opening the possibility of choice to the single machine operators, at various levels.


Oppent designed a fleet of EVO cabinet™ 1 with a 1.000×600 mm platform, perfectly bidirectional kinematics implemented on a steel AISI304 chassis, safety laser sensors PL-D able to generate horizontal and vertical observation plans, which are modulable depending on speed and shape of the environment where they navigate, to respond to the highest standard of human & machine safety, able to travel in a natural navigation mode.

The vehicles are equipped with a double-door-access cabinet that allows the operator to easily introduce or pull the samples out of a compartment containing 3 ISO trays, with a payload capacity of 100kg. Selection of destinations and release is easily controlled from a touchscreen interface.


Delivery forecast for the first quarter 2019.