Novo Hospital Pùblico • Vigo, Spain

It is the biggest project in public Spanish healthcare. It supplies medical assistance to over 600.000 people and it is one of the most innovative hospitals in Europe.


Transporting hospital carts, dedicated to catering services among the various areas of the hospital.
Reducing labor and maintenance costs of the structure and assets by avoiding the procurement of facilities for this manual handling activity.

Achieving a high quality standard through the respect of delivery times, the maintenance of the integrity of the goods transported, the correctness of the destinations of the carts.


Handling around 250 trolleys a day, with a weight up to 500 kg, during 15 hours, for 365 days a year inside an hospital with 800 beds, built on 4 levels.


The fleet, composed by six EVO cart™, executes the requested handlings, respecting times and travelling 420 km a week on the whole, equal to 630 working hours.

The advanced safety devices the robots have – that allow them to travel in mixed paths – compactness of dimensions and the high maneuvering capacity allowed to design paths with optimal trolley loading and unloading points, in relation to the areas for the execution of services.