Manufacturing of pipes and accessories • Spain

The client is a family-based company founded in the year 1867 and specialized in the manufacture of pipes and accessories made form stainless steel and other metals.


In a context of increased manufacturing production, the need is to automate the processes of transport of finished products from production areas to warehouses and from warehouses to the area of preparation for shipping.


The declared objective was to eliminate the manual component from the logistic processes and with it the dead times and errors generated by the operators. The automated transport solution had to be combined with the digitalization of information flows linked to the life of the product inside the company.


The technical solution identified was to provide the plant with an EVO cart™ system that handles special trucks, introduced to manage the individual production lots from line to warehouse and from warehouse to logistics.

EVO cart™ has a 1.700×600 mm platform, perfectly bidirectional kinematics implemented on a steel AISI304 chassis, safety laser sensors PL-D able to generate horizontal and vertical observation plans, which are modulable depending on speed and shape of the environment where they navigate, to respond to the highest standard of human & machine safety, able to travel in a natural navigation mode. The advanced safety devices on the robots allow operations along mixed paths.


EVO cart™ handles 300 trolleys a day and over two years of work its activity has been modified by first implementing a shift and then two.