Ospedale Guido Salvini • Garbagnate Milanese, Italia

Known as Nuovo “Ospedale di Garbagnate”, it is placed on a 57.000-square-meter-area, with a number of 539 beds.


Oppent was asked to respond to three problems. To move hospital trolleys, devoted to food service, linen, waste, pharmacy, consumables and sterilization among the different hospital areas. To reduce labor and service costs of the structure. To reach a high qualitative standard respecting delivery times, integrity of the handled goods and accuracy in trolleys destination.


The goal was to move about 400 trolleys a day, with a weight up to 500 kg, during a timelapse of 13 hours, for 365 days a year inside a hospital with 500 beds, built on 6 levels.


The fleet, composed by 11 EVO cart™, executes the requested handlings, respecting times and travelling 730 km a week on the whole, equal to 1.000 working hours. The advanced safety devices the robots have – that allow them to travel in mixed paths – compactness of dimensions and the high maneuvering capacity allowed to design paths with optimal trolley loading and unloading points, in relation to the areas for the execution of services.