Acibadem Maslak Hospital • Istanbul, Turchia

With more than 17.000 employees, 21 hospitals and 16 medical centers, Acibadem is the second healthcare chain in the world.


Transporting hospital trolleys, dedicated to patients’ catering, linen, waste, medicines and consumables and sterilization among the various areas of the hospital.


To move about 330 trolleys a day, with a weight up to 500 kg, in about 16 hours, 365 days a year in a hospital with about 250 beds, built on 7 levels.


Oppent offered a fleet of nine EVO cart™ with a 1.700×600 mm platform, perfectly bidirectional kinematics implemented on a steel AISI304 chassis, safety laser sensors PL-D able to generate horizontal and vertical observation plans, which are modulable depending on speed and shape of the environment where they navigate, to respond to the highest standard of human & machine safety, able to travel in a natural navigation mode. The advanced safety devices on the robots allow operations along mixed paths.


The fleet works in compliance with the assigned timetable, handling materials as requested and travelling a distance of 840 km a week, equal to 1.100 working hours. The possibility of implementing advanced functions made available by the control system is pushing the customer to review some internal processes, that could be carried out by the system itself.